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Bean Blossom

Any one going to the festival ? I will be there the saturday the 16th.

Wish I was going to be there. I’ve got lots of good Bean Blossom memories. My sister will be there, and lots of old Hoosier friends as well.

You’re going to get to see one of JD Crowe’s last shows, too. I’m jealous.

It will be fun. I forgot that JD Crow was going to retire too.

I was in Nashville IN this weekend and had to stop in Bean Blossom to check out the Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum. It was pretty cool to see so much memorabilia and hear Bill’s story. The Hall of Fame was filled with folks who were truly pioneers of Bluegrass.

Being new to Bluegrass, I have a lot to learn about the music but I must say, this genre of music has some of the most talented musicians around. I wish I could make the festival in June but can’t. Maybe I could make the Gospel Jubilee in July. I got to see Ricky Skaggs at the Little Nashville Opry nearly 20 years ago and was amazed at how he could take anything with string and tear it up.

Hey Ben - Is Purple Hulls gonna get to Bean Blossom? There are two Gospel jubilee’s in July and it would be great to see you perform in person. It’s only a couple hour drive for me to get there.