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Basic song or tunes

UBP I am trying to get involved in this, it is basic yes but there is a lot to learn from doing simple songs I am starting maybe at the beginning again with “Joy to the world” but it is interesting how easy I learn this stuff after banging my head against the wall doing the tougher stuff . I learned an intermediate rendition of Peach picking time in Georgia and that woke me up and I started thinking there are no easy tunes per say but maybe I should back up a tad . It helps I think to concentrate on the note values and learn to do them automatically . Listen to each bar and gain the ability to do it as it sounds . I know I tend to take the short cuts like every one does , but this is really helpful . Oh and the UBP is uncontrollable basic practice syndrome . It also takes away the boredom you may be stuck in. In essence , there are no to easy tunes for me, they all take effort . another item I am starting is to learn the backup guitar to each tune first . Just maybe there might 20 players who can do lead better than I, at a jam or what ever even if there are only 19 players there.LOL Practice til you drop but enjoy your journey into the realm of Music .