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I’ve been saying I was going to pick up the ukulele once I got some sort of a grip on the banjo.

Now, I just gotta have this ukele-banjo! … njoukulele

Ukuleles are a blast. Add banjo elements and I suspect it would be alot of fun.

Drove by a music store today that had a big sign out front:

“Retirement Liquidation - EVERYTHING Must Go!”

For some reason my steering wheel started veering to the right. It put itself in park. Opened my door for me. Then kicked me out and locked the door so I couldn’t get back in.

I went in just to ask if I could use the phone. Honest.

It just so happened that beside the phone was a Deering Banjolele. And it just so happened to be on mega-sale. And it just so happened that I felt I needed to buy a little something to say thank you for letting me use his phone.

It just so happens that I got me a banjolele :smiley:
(He threw in a wall mount, gig bag, set of strings, and a rock slide)

Excellent! What tuning do you use on it?

So far I’ve only used gCEA. This is my first time to even hold a ukulele.

Got any education on tunings you’d like to learn me on?

No education from me. I didn’t know whether it would be some form of open tuning like a banjo. gCEA is like a “normal” uke tuning. It is basically like the 4 highest pitch strings of a guitar capoed at 5 (with the g up an octave). I love ukes. They are happy little things. I bet you can’t even play a sad song on a banjolele.

I’ve seen a few videos where clawhammer banjo players will tune them to open C (like slapping a capo on the 5th fret of a banjo) and playing these little things just like a high pitched banjo.

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

I bet you can’t even play a sad song on a banjolele.

— End quote

My wife seems to be much happier with my albeit very beginner ukulele playing rather than the alternative that I’ve been offering her for the last 3 1/2 years :laughing: