Banjo Strap


Just wanted y’alls recommendations on straps for a banjo. I’m new to the banjo world and I want a nice leather strap. Thank you in advance! :smiley:


Lakota Leathers. Great straps and a good cause. I have them on both my banjos.


Thanks, fiddlewood! Probably going to invest in one for my banjo, I don’t mind spending a little bit extra to help some people out!


The wifey bought me a Huber banjo strap. I love that thing.

They sell two sizes. I’m a pretty big boy, and she bought me the longer strap thinking I would need the extra girth, but it proved to be long enough to hold my banjo where Kirk Hammett of Metallica would hold his guitar. The shorter one is perfecto.


Fiddlewood, thanks for the Lakota recommendation. I have one for a mando on it’s way.


Your Welcome. :smiley:


Lakotas are hard to beat. Another good strap for Mandolin is a Long Hollow “Softie”. I have a flat strap for my A and a braided for my F. They’re extremely comfortable and of course, well… soft. I think they’re made in Tennessee.