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Banjo Strap

Just wanted y’alls recommendations on straps for a banjo. I’m new to the banjo world and I want a nice leather strap. Thank you in advance! :smiley:

Lakota Leathers. Great straps and a good cause. I have them on both my banjos.

Thanks, fiddlewood! Probably going to invest in one for my banjo, I don’t mind spending a little bit extra to help some people out!

The wifey bought me a Huber banjo strap. I love that thing.

They sell two sizes. I’m a pretty big boy, and she bought me the longer strap thinking I would need the extra girth, but it proved to be long enough to hold my banjo where Kirk Hammett of Metallica would hold his guitar. The shorter one is perfecto.

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Fiddlewood, thanks for the Lakota recommendation. I have one for a mando on it’s way.

Your Welcome. :smiley:

Lakotas are hard to beat. Another good strap for Mandolin is a Long Hollow “Softie”. I have a flat strap for my A and a braided for my F. They’re extremely comfortable and of course, well… soft. I think they’re made in Tennessee.