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Banjo Strap Suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

I think I have the same Neotech Nylon strap that is shown in the Store and - to be honest - I am not crazy about it.

Sorry Ben.

The neck falls because there is no grip.

I know that Ben recommends a leather that will grip better but the store doesn’t seem to have.

So… I saw the old subject from the old forum. It talked about Lakota Leathers… but I am trying to hold near $40… rather than $60.

I am open to suggestions… recommendations… and comments.

I prefer leather straps myself. I have two Dogwood Straps one is a cradle strap the other hangs on tension hooks. Of the two I prefer the cradle strap. Can you send in a picture or a video. Perhaps the way you have place the strap .

Huber has a nice strap.

I have a Huber strap and a Lakota strap.

I gotta tell ya, I’m in love with my Lakota strap. It’s soft, pliable, strong as leather (because it is leather, ha!), and looks good to boot.

I also really appreciate the mission behind Lakota Leathers. They use it to produce jobs to help the impoverished Lakota people. I’m always on the side of teaching a man to fish rather than just giving him fish to eat.


Hey all,

I have a box of Lakota straps here that I ordered but haven’t been able to get up on the site. I have two chocolate 2" American bison cradle straps ready to go. You can see them HERE. I’ll match his price of $55 plus $5 shipping.

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Hey Will,

I got the Neotech strap also. I thought the sliding may have been because I play an open back which is is very light compared to one with a resonator on it. (balance issue).

Regardless, I just forced myself to get used to it and it’s not that big of a deal.

As far as a leather strap, I have one for my guitar, and it is bar none 10 times over, the best strap I’ve ever owned. Super comfortable, and it stays where you put it.

Hope that provides some insight.


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That was very insightful - by way of recommendation; however, you left off one critical piece of key info… what BRAND is your strap?

It seems that for the money (a little more than I have to spend), the leader coming out of the clubhouse are the Lakota Straps.

I do support the cause - providing support for the Lakota tribe in SD… but the cost is a bit of a concern for the moment.

Also, I have to say… now I am more aware… I an NOT enjoying the “shoulder slide”. True that I have lived with it… but watch Ben’s excellent Basic Banjo video on banjo placement.

He let’s go… and the banjo STAYS PUT! Now, I want to achieve that.

Just so everyone who might care to read, Have a Hollowback (Epiphone MB-100) - so I’d have to get the kind that doesn’t support the cradle - unfortunately. I say that because I think the cradle would be most beneficial.

Regardless, I want it to be supported and stay at 45 degrees - untouched. If that can happen with a leather… sign me UP!

Hey Will…Sorry, but I just don’t know the brand. My brother in law gave it to me a couple of years ago for Christmas.

By the way, I have an MB 100 too. I have my Neotech connected two below the tailpiece, and the other end is on the hook right at the neck.

I had to loosen the hooks and detach them from the head in order to slip the end loop in. Best to you, and I’ll see if I can find out what brand it is. I’m not sure, but I think he got it on Amazon for around 50 dollars.


Will, I was just looking on the net, and couldn’t find it, buy one quick note, it is the brushed leather type. This is exactly what it looks like, and it very well may be a Taylor, though it doesn’t have the logo.

Brushed Leather Guitar Strap

Brushed leather, or brushed suede. Forgive the rambling. It’s what I do. :roll_eyes:

When it comes to purchases like this, and whether or not I should spend the extra $20 bucks, I always try to put things in perspective.

Is $20 worth a strap you’ll use (and love) your whole life? If so, that’s not eating out a couple of times (or once, depending on the restaurant), not getting drive-thru coffee 4 times, or maybe even selling something you never use on craigslist.

Just the way I process…


listen to the preacherman. He’s pre med.

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Check out this seller on ebay it’s who I bought my Lakota strap from. They are seconds but it’s cosmetic. I gave 25 for mine they do make offers if you contact them. Be sure to go to sellers other items

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What does “sold as as second” mean?

It means it has slight imperfections.

Mine has 3 small depressions in the leather looked like maybe made by the machine that processed the leather. Seller is pretty upfront on why each one is considered a second, showing pictures and is great about answering your questions. Just be aware a second has some kind of imperfection. Some had creases one had a small cut on the underside that didn’t go all the way through. Just be sure to message the seller and confirm the blemishes and be sure your willing to live with it. Sounds like Ben has a great deal on new Lakotas if you want perfect condition. You aren’t going to beat his price for sure.

Not sure if this has been mentioned but I have a soft leather and the strap is wide. 2 3/4" wide to be precise. The hope is it will distribute the weight on this 12 pound archtop.

Y’all are just awesome to give me options and understand my points about my finances; however, as much as I would like to help out the Lacota… I would like to support Ben and Jake’s store even more.

For me… it is a small way to “give back” and support our own.

As Ben suggested, I called Jake and we discussed other options… that aren’t yet on the site.

In my price point, Jake suggested a very popular Banjo option for my Hollowback… but one I never heard of because I don’t recall it mentioned here: a Levy.

I am thinking of something a bit lighter than black or dark brown leather (don’t know why… but I think a lighter one has some “character” to it) and Jake had one in Walnut which sounds great. I went to the site and saw it…

Does anyone use a Levy? If. so, share your thoughts please.


How is it alot of people can wear their strap just slung over their right shoulder? I tried it and just felt like it was going to fall off. So over the neck for me lol



I think that could be a topic all by itself… if you want