Banjo Podcast


Anybody have any podcasts they subscribe to featuring the 5 string?




Try searching YouTube there’s lot’s of folks out there doing some great Banjo Tutorials. None as good a @BanjoBen :cowboy_hat_face::guitar:


I was talking about .mp3 podcasts that talk about the banjo (not video stuff). What made me think about it was the discussion about Nedski doing something on the XM Bluegrass channel.


Hi Rance, I am not familiar with these mp3 podcasts. There are some banjo apps that use computer generated audio files


A podcast is just a digital audio file that’s made available to download. With my podcast app, I subscribe to TED Talks, communication techniques and enhancements, and multiple sermon audio that I listen to throughout the week. It’s a great use of time for when I’m driving somewhere (or taking the bus) or doing any kind of house/yard work.


Sounds like we need to do a banjo/hunting/Aggie/preaching/redhead podcast, @5stringpreacher




Go to Google Play (where I listen to almost all my music from) Go to the Podcast section. Search Banjo. Came up with 5 results under podcasts


Don’t know if they are worth listening to or not



I don’t subscribe to it, but ran across this one this morning…