Banjo Players


Since starting to play. I have discovered so many awesome Banjo players I never knew even existed. And this lady is in my top tier. And she plays Deerings and alot are Goodtimes.


WOW! Thanks @Woody, she’s amazing, great find! Both her voice and what she does with the banjo.



WOW… Love this song and the video! Especially the end!


They actually sell Sweet Pickin Balm on her website lol


Hah! They sure do! $12 a tin… Seriously Love her voice and style… Americana.


Songs like this are why I want to play the Banjo. That rolling melody is so sweet. And the Banjo is made for speed. I can’t Wait to get my first song up to speed. I can only play Boil Dem Cabbage down at 150 BPM right now and Worried Man at about 60 BPM.


Yeah, but do you remember when you could barely play a simple forward roll at 20bpm?

I, like you, listen to music constantly to stay inspired and find joy in the dreaming. Keep on keeping on!


Ooooooweee! Playin a fiddle while her banjo is still hangin around her neck. Is this what twiterpated feels like? :smiley:


Now this one’s just Blazing!!


NO PICKS?! :hushed::astonished::open_mouth:


Um… Don’t if you were kiddin’ @Mark_Rocka - but if you look closely… There are finger picks.


Well I’ll be. You’re right. Mine eyes didst deceive me. Getting old sucks.


I was thinking the same thing, so I’m watching it now and dancing like Tavin :joy: :dancer: