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Banjo MUTE Buzzing

Hi Folks,

I bought the Ultimate Banjo Mute last year (Gee, pre COVID but not much earlier) and I am starting to use it. I have been working too much.

Anyway, this mute does deaden the sound but produces a buzzing noise on my low D and middle G and B strings. I have tried tweeking where it sits on my bridge, I have tried squeezing it tighter, I have tried putting it at an angle on the bridge.

I am just flummoxed about what to do about the buzzing noise. When I take off the mute, no buzzing at all. Now is it a huge thing if I am trying to play quieter, no, but it just doesn’t sound right and that bothers me actually a lot.

Any suggestions??? I mean I don’t want to return it to Ben, but I just don’t know what to do.



BTW I have a 1/2 inch GROVER 5 string bridge with bone inserts.

This may sound silly, but are you wearing a long sleeve shirt?
I had a buzzing issue that was driving me nuts until I realized it was a button on my cuff vibrating on the head that caused the buzzing sound! (Head slap!!)

Does your mute come into contact with a string? It probably shouldn’t.

Good luck!

There is a chance that there was always a buzz, and you’re only just noticing it with the mute because it isn’t drowned out by the strings… my mute seems a bit buzzy too

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Take the mute off and share your music. I chucked mine away years ago. neighbours just stopped complaining.

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You probably need to get a pair of pliers and tighten the mute a bit. That will fix it


@DLS I am a huge fan of using a mute to practice. (So is the wife.) However, I’ve had some similar issues with my authentic souvenir Banjo Ben mute. To be fair, it is an issue that exists with all mutes. Bending the mute helps, but doesn’t solve the issue. I’ve been waiting for @Dragonslayer to invent the “tiddlywink solution” but there is no progress on that front. I built some Dtuners! In the meanwhile, I’ve developed a way to clamp the mute to keep it firmly secured to the bridge. I plan to drill and tap my mute to allow installation of a thumb screw to clamp the mute in place. I haven’t had time to actually implement the fix yet. In the meanwhile, keep pushing the mute down frequently. Now the issue of your undershorts is yours alone to figure out.