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Banjo Ben Clark banjo mute and cheap underwear

What does a Banjo Ben Clark banjo mute and cheap underwear have in common?

They both ride up on you halfway through the song! It is a minor annoyance (the mute, not the underwear). I’ve considered “tightening up the mute” with a gentle crush using pliers. Anybody experience this problem (the mute creeping up, not the underwear)? Because most banjo players can’t afford high-dollar underwear, I would imagine the creeping underwear is a widespread problem and may explain why so many banjoists seem to have an odd gait. Is there a fix or will I have to just keep pushing the mute (and my underwear) down? Any advice would be appreciated.


Please note: I have no experience with banjos OR banjo mutes, so I am probably the least qualified to reply. I just had to come see what the thread was about based on the title :grinning: I went and looked at the mute. Assuming it is the brass one, I suspect it can be tweaked by hand. Pliers might scratch the brass. Anyway, I’d give it a little tweak and see how it does. Keep tweaking until it stays put.

I had not seen the promo video for that… “Yes, deer!”


Mike is right on…

from the store description:

"Can be slightly adjusted by hand to fit the vast majority of bridge types"

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Same, I couldn’t resist the “click”, seeing the title, lol.

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I gotta say it, Forget the neighbours. I chucked my mute in the bin years ago. Who wears underwear these day’s ? Didn’t you catch sight of Banjo Billy’s Irish cousin Larry wearing an excuse for a kilt ? Did you peek ? Well did you ?


Archie, I can honestly say I did not peek. There is a guy that wears a kilt to work in my office. It strikes me as a bit odd. Why is it the excessively hairy guys that take to wearing kilts?

I’ll give the the mute an adjustment as suggested. I didn’t think to go back and look for instructions. Thanks!


A bit odd ? I bet the ladies over there don’t think that.

I can assure you it’s not just hairy guy’s.