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Hi peoples!

I am learning 5-String Banjo and was wondering if anyone could suggest a good book or online resources for getting chord charts for all banjo chords.



hey megan,there are good books out there but i found something on youtube that might interest you. it’s a video by a guy named johnny button,100 banjo cords in 10 min.he goes through various finger positions and fret combinations that will give you about every forwarned though,he goes pretty quick,so be ready to pause it several times.i’ve only watched it a couple of times and i started to chart it myself so if i get done with it i’ll post it here,unless you get it first that the way i posted a little story about cord charts elsewhere on this site and to sum it up here,check the copyright date! :smiley: hope this helps.

Thanks man! Will check it out :smiley:

Here’s one that’s pretty good:

and this one…


Also, just type in “Images of 5 string banjo chords” on the computer. this really helped me alot!

This one is fairly complete.