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Banjo Ben's Dad


I read the prayer post from Banjo Ben and searched for a update . I was just wondering if there is any updates on how he is doing and how the family is holding up.

I just joined so I am not all that familiar but you gotta love someone like Banjo Ben…genuine talent/* enterpanuer ( hmm…that is *misspelled )

Anyways…I am hoping for the best …

Love ya

Jeff ( I’m married…so in a brotherly way )

Hi Carpunky,
I am by no means an official spokesperson and it has been since earlier this year that I have heard any news. With that said, the last I heard, things are still ongoing. I know from previous things Ben has said, he really appreciates all the prayers and kind wishes he has received, and I am sure he’ll appreciate your post.
Ben loves his Dad very much, and I know this has been very difficult. They seem to have a genuinely great family. I think with each other and their faith, they are well equipped to handle whatever this world has in store for them.

Hey, Ben,
Up late, as usual. Had a bit of rough weather the last couple of days in West Texas. Anyway, I just watched your sister’s piece on Texas Country Reporter (youtube). It was beautiful. Hopefully, your father is doing well. I can understand what it must be like. My own father is currently dying with cancer. (After his surgery was found, the VA in Kansas put off his surgery for two months. The tumor tripled in size during that time. They removed what they could, but at this time he’s refusing chemo and radiation. They give him a few months without it. I hope everything is going well with your family.

I talked with someone at South Plains College Friday, June 6, about the upcoming bluegrass camp in July, and suggested they bring in your trio as guest instructors and to perform.

As for me, I’ve lived in Muleshoe for nine years, and just learned of the bluegrass jam at Farwell on Thursday evenings. I’m excited about attending.

Hi revlthornton,

I very sorry for your father’s condition. I went through something similar with my mother a few years back. I hope that you can make some good memories in the time you have with your father.

I hate to share someone else’s news, but I didn’t want your inquiry to go unanswered. Ben’s Dad did pass away.

May God bless you and your family during this difficult time.