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I am new to the Banjo Ben site and have been downloading some of the excellent tabs and viewing some of Ben’s youtube videos.

I have visited a few banjo teacher’s offerings and have been disappointed with the accuracy of the tabs relative the the videos especially with fretting, if in fact you can see clearly at all what they are fretting. :slight_smile:

Ben is a superb player but is also a great teacher from what I have seen so far, I am looking fowrward to progressing along and hopefully improving my playing.

I have been playing for the kids at my son’s school, they are a very forgiving audience. :smiley:

I am busy at the moment working my way through Ben’s ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown’, getting a bit tied up in the up the neck stuff but am sticking at it.

I guess my biggest problem is that I pick the notes quite cleanly but takes a while for the tune to emerge but if I practiuce hard enough it usually comes out eventually. No one to practice with around my location (Australia) however I am enjoying it immensely.

Thanks Ben.


Welcome aboard JB. I’d love to come and visit “down under” some day. All my side of the family are from Australia and would like to get to know some of the relatives. I see what you are saying that the tune doesn’t always come forward at first but in time it seems to magically appear. I have that problem with my learning too. Stick with it and good luck

Hi Jack,

Thank you. Hopefully when you make it here we can get together and make some noise with the banjos.:slight_smile: