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An improved Banjo Ben banjo mute?

What’s that they say about make a better mousetrap? Lately I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my authentic souvenir Banjo Ben banjo mute. After all, I’m confined to home with the wife. She might have hacked me into little bits by now if I weren’t using one. The mute works great, but even with adjustment it tends to ride up over time and make me feel a bit uncomfortable. (See my previous comment at Banjo Ben Clark banjo mute and cheap underwear .)

I thought that if the mute were long enough to extend past the bridge and was equipped with a thumb screw and threaded holes to tighten the two segments and hold them firmly against the bridge, the mute might be even better. This might be just what the doctor ordered to get through the corona virus lockdown!

Let the Rube Goldberg suggestions begin!


I recommend placing an entire chicken (live or dead) inside the pot of the banjo. It’ll greatly improve your chicken pickin :joy::joy::joy: