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Ballad of Jed Clampett

Have looked up on youtube different versions to play this song and have different tabs for it.

Can’t seem to get the d chord down with missing the tip of my index finger. I even bought a tip from galaxy guitars to see if that would help, nope…

Any ideas as to how I can get to learn this or is it just unplayable for me?

Usually if there is a will there is a way. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with what chord form is giving you trouble. More specific information might allow others to provide some help.

With that said, often you can find alternate fingering of chords or alternate chord forms and those would be the first areas I would explore if I can’t physically make a chord the “normal” way.

I’m not sure how to explain it, but will try.

I lost the tip of my index finger, almost to the first knuckle (from tip). The D chord uses all 4 fingers and with that, my index finger, because it is bigger on the end now, ends up touching other strings and getting in the way. Most hand postions I’ve been able to modify if they only use 3 fingers. This is the first time I’ve had to use all 4 fingers at the same time for the roll that is in the tab.
Hope that clears it up somewhat. sorry

Think I just may have found a version that might work

I’m with ya now. I am guessing you are talking about a chord that is 2 2 3 4? Could you lay your first finger flat (on the fleshy part of the finger instead of the tip) to make a barre across the second fret and then use the second and third fingers to pick up the other two notes?

yea I thought of that from my guitar days of playing bar chords. Can’t seem to get enough pressure down. Might just need to work on it more? Maybe it’s just too early to being doing some of this stuff with that finger. Talked to others that have lost tips and they say 2 years before it feels close to normal.

:slight_smile: hey ez2cy , just hang in there you will get it… all things are possible through Christ

I think I found a better version of this on YouTube, but I’m slow.
I think at my level, it would be easier for me to learn.
anyone of you better players want to watch it and write tabs in TEF form?

I’m willing to pay for your service.

Did you look at Ben’s tab? He did not do a lesson on this song but he has a tab in his tab section. It is pretty much the same version as the youtube video. The only hard part is the pull off in the D position and you can just play it without that.

Good luck.