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Back to the topic of picks

I was at a music store today looking for some new picks. I came across some camel bone picks. I have been using a vintage tortoise shell pick. The fellow at the shop suggested some camel bone picks. I got two to try. The shape is different than my tortoise shell which is basically a rounded corner triangle. The two camel bone picks have a more defined point, and one has a depression for my thumb. I noticed with the sharp point it is easier to hit single notes, and slow strums are a lot cleaner sounding. The one with the thumb depression is very secure in my hand too. Anyone else ever use this type of pick? I am still pretty green and learning as I go.

I have a wood/mahogany pick that sounds like it is shaped as you described, but I have never owned anything that was camel or ex camel. I tried the wood one for a while, but went back to a more rounded plastic. I find my speed is better, since I tend to attack at a slight angle, and I need a triangle to keep me honest on my thumb vs wrist movement. I did like the Dunlop jazz 208s which where pretty pointy, but always come back to fender heavy rounded triangles. That said it really is to each his own on picks.

Btw camel bone, tortoise shell, I am picturing your local music hop with a polar bear rug, and jackalope on the wall :laughing:

If you are into crazy picks have you tried blue chip, they are very good, but I just can’t get myself past the price.

LOL… no Jackalopes… but by chance I am heading to dinner at a place called Jackalopes in Vancouver, BC. At Rufus I am sure there may be some old animal skin banjo heads in the place. May even be an stringed armadillo uke there!!!