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Back from Magfest

Just back from Magfest. I’ve got lots of great memories of the week (the John Prine set was really good!), but one of my favorites was the slack jawed look of amazement my non-bluegrass’n brother-in-law gave me about two blazingly fast songs into the Travelin’ McCoury’s set. Those boys were so fast and so precise, they created a new convert right then and there. :laughing:

We serendipitously found ourselves camped adjacent to these fellows, too. They put on some great late night performances by the campfire.


These boys are a bit out of my league, so I wound up listening more than picking at this years festival, but I’ve got no complaints. It was great time as usual.

Those guys are flying and tight! Pretty nifty to be camping next door.

Glad you had a good time and glad you got a convert!

I finally got around to sorting out my Magfest pictures. I even managed to record a small clip of the campfire jammin’ in the wee hours of Saturday morning.


It was a darn good time. Can’t wait for Springfest!

That’s some great campfire picking. I first thought, “man, that banjo is fantastic!” Then I thought, “that dobro is killing it too!” Then I thought, “That group as a whole is great!”

Thanks to Larry’s post, I have been scanning some of Grandpa’s Cough Medicine vids on youtube. On every one of them so far, they end with the finishing note for one beat. I like it… a simple little signature thing.

Now, I’ll never be able to listen to their music without noticing the ending.