B Bender


I’m picking up a B Bender device.
I found this video inspiring.


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You NEED a B bender :smiley:


I agree, Mike!!!

I found a used device that attaches to my Acoustic Guitar. There are several models. It seems like the ones actuated by the strap would be the most organic. 
One type replaced a tuning peg. I was concerned about the angle that the string took behind the nut. 

The kind I will be attempting is demo’d by the same fellow who played the song above…


I'll try to let you know how it goes. 

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FYI… I tried to delete pictures… Instead of being able to delete an entire post, it just deleted the picture… Leaving an empty box with the heading.

 I'm not that great at trouble shooting... 

Best I can do is wait it out till the fancy new upgrade.. 

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Bowden B Bender up and working.
I had several concerns that so far have not been an issue.
I’ve looked for a YouTube tutorial on basic chord forms, but not much for me to go on. Fortunately, it was easy for me to figure out a few that work well at the beginning.

I love the extra something that bending provides. It is very easy to dial in for optimal tuning. 
I believe a bender that uses the strap would be more organic, but the price point is significantly higher. 

 For the price, this can't be beat.. it's is well built.. 
I'd have to give it a 10 out of 10 for a decent bender that will take me quite a ways down the road. 

 All the best,