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Awsome site

As a swed its really REALLY hard to find a good learning forum as a new banjo player. Having to rely on some old DVDs to learn with some old VHS copy filmed early 80s is boring and made me wanna give it up.
Found this site from Youtube and are now a gold member and really starting to pick it up, learned alot already (only been a member for 1 day)

Thanks for this site, its awsome!

Sorry for butchering the english spelling and grammer.

No butchering done. Your English seems just fine. Welcome aboard and let’s pick!

Welcome, Reefda. Our second Swede! Who knew Sweden was such a hot bed of blugrass music.

I know what you mean about old learning materials. I have bunches of books, vhs tapes, cassettes and plastic records, most of which I only partially made it through. The materials available here are way better than what was available 10 or 15 years ago.

Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.