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Awesome Flat Pick + Fingerstyle Combo

Howdy all,

One of my all time favorite performers, Steven Curtis Chapman, performed his new song at the Ryman in honor of all who have served. The song is entitled ‘We Remember’ and features his wonderful voice and great lyrics, but I am completely fascinated by his style of playing. SCC is a fantastic guitar player and his acoustic work is inspiring but I have never noticed him using a flat pick and combining finger style at the same time. (Check out the video link below)

My Dad was an amazing picker in Chet style and I have been around some great pickers through my life but I have never seen someone use a flat pick & finger style combo. Have any of you all ever seen or done this? Very impressive stuff.

Here is the one he recorded in a more private environment… likely his home. Although it doesn’t show his picking style as well, I enjoy it as it shows his ability in an unmixed environment. First class all the way.

There are also some really cool licks in this video too, so it’s worth the time to watch it.


That used to very popular among the rockabilly crowd. I did some of that type way back in the 90’s but am lucky if I can hold on to a pick today. I noticed his voice more that his playing he has a Glen Campbell sound he could do his music so well .

I’ve heard that called ‘hybrid picking’. Most famous and adept at it, at least in my circles is the great Richard Thompson. There are multiple close-up shots of the right hand in one of his signature tunes, Beeswing, in this clip:

Seems to me with this particular song at least, it’s alot of work and the same effect could be had the old fashioned thumbpick and fingers way.

Thanks for the video Jim!

After that, I had to watch the next one (shenandoah) and liked that one equally as well.

I’ve always wanted a Lowden guitar. They carry them at Wildwood Music in Coshocton, OH. I fell in love with a cedar topped with walnut back and sides a few years ago. :bulb: Maybe I need to take a trip. It’s only 2 1/2 hours from here.

I’m not sure if a thumbpick would be any easier. He makes it look effortless and seems very comfortable with that style. I’ve tried it both ways and neither feels right to me. It takes alot of dedicated work and patience before anything feels natural. I remember first starting out flatpicking, down, up, down felt so awkward and I just wanted to give up. Now it’s not even a thought and anything else feels awkward. I suppose it takes constant repetition to make mind win over muscle memory (or something like that).

Thanks again.

The late great Clarence White used that technique. Here’s a sample…

Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing info!


I’ve admired that style for years. Fabulous tone!!

Thanks for sharing!