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I have been tryin to add my picture from mmy iPad but it won’t let me saying it has to be within a certain pixel number. Does anyone know a way around that?

I don’t know of a way around it, but you can edit the picture to be in the format it specifies. I think you can do that on an iPad (I use a PC for such tasks).

Some soft ware for photoshopping can do that as well something like elements 10 might be able to handle that in file save for web and it opens up a slide that lets you choose the quality of the picture . If you can’t get it done PM me the picture and I will set it up for the web. for you, I think I can. I have done it a few times .

I see it worked thank you for trusting in me .

I’m glad you were able to figure it out and your new one is a riot.

I used to be a riot but I have settled down into being couch spud not so much a riot. If I can be of assistance again don’t fail to call on me .