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Automatic Login

One of those niggling things - every time I log in to the site I set it for Auto Login, but next time I go to the site I have to Log in again. Any else have this problem? Is stoopid here doing something wrong?
Wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t go the site so often! :confused:

It’s funny, but my system now works the opposite. I used to have to login each day, and as soon as my browser (not the individual tabs) was closed, next time one, I’d have to login again. Now it stays logged in.

I am guessing the site uses a cookie to save login info. If your browser is set to clear the cache when shut down, then I think you would have to login each day as I used to do. I did not explicitly (or perhaps I should say intentionally) change those settings, so I am not sure what happened with mine.

How do you check to see if your browser is set to clear it?

It depends on which browser you use, but it is generally in the settings. I am using chrome, and the option is not where it used to be. I don’t see the option anymore. Perhaps that explains why my behavior changed.

all the way to the right at the top next to the star you will see about 4 or 5 lines short ones : click on that and the options will be in the drop down menu in Chrome .