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Ashoken Farewell

I worked through this yesterday. Took me about 3 hours to get it all down and able to play it without looking at the tab.

I did not come up with the tef file.

Is a very beautiful song! The Youtube video is of the original composer (Jay Unger) and he wrote this piece in 1982. It was later used in “The Civil War” TV show.

I’ve included the Youtube video, Tef file and Chords PDF (with lyrics) for any of you that want to have a go at it. Even Tony Rice covered this tune.

Note: There is the guitar tef in this file…I think it is the 4th option (up in the upper right hand corner once you open the tef file…it opens to the mandolin part)


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Thank a bunch! I love that melody.


Is probably one of the prettier songs I think my ears has ever been blessed with.

Had a fiddler show up a few years back and played this. I told myself then that I needed to learn a guitar break for it but it slipped my mind and I forgot all about it. That is until I heard it again (yesterday) and said to myself “self you gotta learn this”…so I spent my guitar time yesterday learning it.

For some of you “new” guys out there that are getting your feet wet with Tabledit - This would be a really good place to start, it’s nice and slow and will get you accustomed to using tabledit /learning a cool song that won’t blister your fingers! I will say that this is the first song that I have personally learned by simply pushing “play” on the tabledit song and following along. I did not stop it, pause it, etc I just simply “sight read” the tabledit…was an accomplishment for me.

— Begin quote from "Oldhat"

I did not stop it, pause it, etc I just simply “sight read” the tabledit…was an accomplishment for me.

— End quote

Good job! Isn’t progress rewarding?

Thanks, oldhat. I usually play this one out of the C position, capoed at II, but it’s always good to have alternatives.

Interesting that on the mandolin module, it shows it’s capoed at XII. I assume that’s to get the guitar emulation to sound more like a mando. I’ll remember that trick the next time I’m tabbing mando.


Found another little break to it. … mit=Search

Cool Shawn, thanks!

Jesse, thanks again for posting. A friend (Casey, who is a beginner guitarist) has a son who used to play violin and played this. We recently got him going on mandolin and he has resumed playing violin a little. He used to play this song and Casey wanted to learn it on guitar to play with him. The TEF is perfect to get them going. Thanks!

I love the C chord (7 chord I guess) in this song… unexpected, but feels natural nonetheless.


Just noticed you had responded a few weeks back.

Glad that the resources I linked helped/inspired someone!

Yes that 7 chord showing up is pretty cool, builds up all the tension/ adds dissonance.

It looks like it has been pretty helpful… the pdf has been downloaded 886 times and the TEF 87.

I still have my violin from when I was a kid. This song makes me want to get it out and learn to make decent tones with it again. The last time I tried playing, it was just poorly intonated scratchy noises.


I have just about every bluegrass instrument in the house besides for a dobro, even have a dulcimer…have a piano also. Although I don’t play any of them that often besides for guitar, I will say that when I do decide to switch it up I can play some stuff on all of them besides for the Fiddle…and I have 4 fiddles in the house, the 2nd largest number of individual instruments outside of guitars…scratching and clawing is about the only sound I get out of a fiddle - cat fight.

Sounds like we are well matched. Maybe we ought to work up a duet :smiley:
Dueling Kitties?