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Ashokan Farewell

Was there a guitar tab for this on the website in the past? Noticed a picture of it on the facebook site but can’t seem to find it listed in the tabs for geetar. Also did a search with no luck.

Just download and print the pictures of it (just 2 pdfs) and you should be good-to-go.

True, just thought there was a lesson on it with a video that I was missing. Thanks for the suggestion. Ashokan Farewell is a cool song. On my list of to try and learn songs.

Yup it is a nice tune, I just worked it out on the Mandolin last week. I did print out Ben’s Guitar arrangement, but it could be months before I get around to it.

Where on the site is that PDF I would love to have that .

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Where on the site is that PDF I would love to have that .

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+1 Same here. I have this for mandolin and love it. Jay Ungar tapped into a very deep river when he wrote Ashokan Farewell.

I found the basic melody on line . and have that down, now on to the embellished melody. A bit more involved … If you do the basic and tend to note values it really sounds good. I might learn that on the piano and use the organ section so I can get the sustain better. I don’t play piano but can hack out a few. If I can get my daughter to learn it and show me I can do it . sad melancholy don’t really have a label to put on it it sort of touches the soul a little deeper . The violin is a big plus and would love to learn it on a Violin. As long as I have something to work on I am happy .

Mike posted a tef file over in the Happy New Year thread in the Mandolin area. I didn’t know what TEF was when he originally posted, I know I’ve seen it mentioned all over the place here, but I’m a bit of a philistine when it comes to mixing technology and music. I just downloaded the tef viewer and it is pretty awesome. I did manage to get my mandolin version of AF down without it, but definitely it’s a tool I need to look at some more.

The nice thing about tabledit you can slow it down as much as you want ,you can capo it also . and if you have midi it will turn that into tab for you . the way you capo is click on score then instruments and click the tuning tab and a small window comes up and you just click what fret you want and you have to do that for the back up also if it has back up . Pretty neat software .