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Are You Washed...Backup Question

Hey Ben,

Was just listening to “Are You Washed”. Loved it!

Great backing track. A bit minimalest maybe?
Sounds like an upright bass. Was that done with a synth?
Did you use a mando for that chucking? I loved the way you stopping chucking on the one guitar riff while you slid up the neck a bit. Good example of silence in music.

I’m taking a wild guess, but I’m guessing you had guitar, bass and mando for the backing track. Am I close?


Sounds right on all counts, to me. The backing track does sound good, but it is SOOO hard to follow

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You got it. Ben uses a MIDI bass in his recording software to save a little time on making the jam tracks. Everything else is him and is as you described.

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Yeah, as minimalist as I could to let the solo guitar come out. In fact, notice that the strummed guitar in the backup track is capo’d up so the notes wouldn’t compete with the notes being fingerpicked. You got em right!

Wow! Music is so much more than playing the song right. Got my banjo and it’s even better than I thought it would be. Will show on the forum tonight.