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Are You 50 or Older

If you answer yes to the above, be sure to get checked for colo-rectal cancer. It will give great peace of mind to know that all is well in that area.

Today I had a colonoscopy, and one tiny pre-cancerous polyp, (size of a pinhead) was found and removed during the procedure. So it’s all good, and I don’t have to get checked again for five years.

I thank God for the great health care, and medical personnel available in the USA. Not perfect by any means, but great just the same.

So please do this if you need to. Colo-Rectal cancer is very preventable when proper screening takes place.


Great news Treb!!!

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Oh boy, I’m turning 50 this summer.

Where’d the time go?

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Jack, glad all is well now!

@oldhat40, would that mean an id change on the cards? :wink: Advance welcome to the wiser folk club!

Just to show you just how prepared I am for 50 and in response to this “id change on the cards” thing you speak of…

“I don’t have any clue what you are talking about”.

I guess I better prepare myself for that too.

Was wondering if you will change it to oldhat50?.. j/k

Oh I got it. I thought maybe I had to change my drivers license, insurance, or something like that. Lol. like an AARP photo id. Lol, That’s what I thought you meant…see I have no clue if I must do those things or not.

Oldhat50 does have a ring to it BTW. Ha ha. Sounds kind of old hat.

:slight_smile: But I don’t have any of those ids (don’t ask me why), so I have no clues on those either! All I know is Ben’s forum id. :wink:

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Do it peeps!! I’m getting four done on Wed.
Well not to me, but I will be the nurse giving out the good juice and monitoring while doc and crew are doing their thing. I get the better end of the deal!

Cool Peg. I was so impressed, by how well they all work together. It’s like clockwork. They really know their stuff.

I was in and out within two hours. Wasn’t bad at all.

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Too old for the teen picker’s collaboration. Too young for the 50+ colorectal cancer group. I just don’t fit in anywhere. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:


We’ll be welcoming you in much sooner than you think. Let me know if you need help installing your walk-in tub with the custom grab bars. :rofl:


Good advice Treb, realy important, this type of cancer you cant smell, see feel but once detected, you,ll see the stairways to heaven.

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Aw, you’re never too young for a colonoscopy! Hah. The preparation is the fun part. (kidding)

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I had a feeling someone would tell me that. :smile:

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Good news, folks.

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I could never get that down, I’d choke. Guess I’ll order another bottle of Miralax.

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The hardest part is the laxatives to clean the intestines. The scope itself…well you are sedated and given pain meds. Its a quick 2-3 hours in the surgery center or out patient hospital setting. But the capsule is a great idea. If only they could make the laxative stuff be less, well just less! I cant drink two gallons of anything in two hours! (Its not like college anymore)


LOL! That kazoo really made the song. :laughing:

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