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Anyone Been To See The Purple Hulls?

The Purple Hulls are scheduled to head to Lubbock in February, and if I can swing it I’m going to try to make the drive over there to see them perform. I’ve listened to their music and love it, plus I think it’d kind of be cool to see my online instructor in person (even if I don’t get to actually shake his hand).

Anybody else been able to see them perform?

I seen Ben and his sisters perform here in the Nashville area at Pucketts Grocery in Franklin. Pretty good show. If I were you and the place requires reservations then I’d send Ben a message here and I am sure he will save you a place/even come over and chat with you some (he came over and hung out with me and mine for a few minutes). “Pucketts Grocery” where they played is a restaurant with an atmosphere of mason Jars, Cider, and good steaks with a stage for performers. Call it a nice trendy restaurant with a “Ol’ Tyme” feel.

Ben actually sent me a text to let me know The Hulls were performing and even offered to reserve me a table for my family 5.

I will say that they “sound great” when it comes to the art of performing in a live setting…sounds like studio work but live. Entertaining also!

Only thing I found odd about them was the the fact the girls got all the looks and Ben is the ugly duckling! :smiley:

My Dad saw them. He said they were fantastic. He really enjoyed them. After Dad passed away, the cd “Closer to Home” by the Purple Hulls was in his car’s stereo… pretty cool.

I contacted Ben and was sad to hear that he’s actually not performing with his sisters right now. He said he’s pouring all of his time and energy into this website and the instructional videos.

Though I’m sad I won’t get to see him perform anytime soon, I sure am mighty thankful for what he does for us through this website.

Hard work long hours and just maybe one would be a success. A business will take the starch right out of your collar , I had a cousin who had a parts store in Crossville Tenn and him and his buddy after a friend of their passed on they decided to sell out and retire and they did just that . It takes a lot out of you but you can stop and smell the flowers along the way . It is also monotonous to work every day at someone else’s digs but it has its advantages like everything else . I had two bad years at my job and we worked 12 hours a day for two years, the money was good but what it did to you was not worth it. I appreciate every lesson Ben puts up, and enjoy each one I learn . I don’t play out and do not play for any one except I may do back-up guitar for the songs at church .

I’m still amazed at how quickly Ben can put out instructional videos. It has to take a huge amount of time to organize the lesson, work it out on the instrument, tab it out with Tabledit, and then produce such a high quality video with all the camera angles just right. Once a week for years on end; that’s an impressive bit of work.

I agree Larry. Assuming someone had the talent to sit in for Ben here’s a list of what I’d expect them to have to do:

  1. Figure out what would be a good lesson
  2. Compose/arrange the part
  3. Fine tune the arrangement to ensure it fits the intended level and points of emphasis
  4. Write the part out in TableEdit
  5. Write the backing parts in TableEdit
  6. Learn the part enough to play it well
  7. Plan the lesson
  8. Record the music
  9. Record the backing tracks
  10. Video tape the performance with multiple angles
  11. Record the additional speeds of performance
  12. Record the backing tracks
  13. Mix the music
  14. Edit the videos
  15. Update the website for the lesson

And like you said… he does it each and every week (except Christmas) and with consistently great quality. It’s impressive.

Ben has enough material it would take years to learn them all for me any way . I sometimes learn one I don’t like the sound of but it also opens up new areas of improvement . The last instructor I had told me to learn it as presented and after that you can play it your way , that makes sense . I am one that must put some of me in the tune . learning it as presented makes a lot of good sense though because you can feel the way they feel when playing it .