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Any one working on "Oh little town of Bethlehem"

It really seemed easy to do and I guess it may be basic , but I had a time putting this one to memory . I could do it looking at the tab very well but take the tab away I could not get past the first few bars . I finally have it in my head now and can play it without tab. I just had to force myself to try and try again and again. Nice arrangement and sounds very nice . I was just curious if anyone else was learning this one now .

Well I started learning it before Christmas but didn’t quiet get it in time. You’re right Ken, it’s a very nice arrangement. Maybe I’ll have it down by Christmas 2016!

Not to worry I jumped the gun and found 36,000 things wrong with my playing that one . oops. I always find something amiss . any way it is coming along nicely . I went to school with a Nicely , Barbara Nicely. quite the looker I might add . any way I am still learning it and had to back up a bit . Par for a past 70 year old . LOL.

I previewed the lesson but didn’t think I would have it down to a “recognizable form” before Christmas. But it’s on my list for next year. LOL.