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Any one have the break to "Gone Home"

I sure would like to learn that one it is a deep feeling song. I prefer the key of G . any one have anything on it lyrics tab what ever .

Thanks for the heads up on this song welder. This is the first time I heard it. I listened to the Ricky Skaggs version and there is some nice picking in there. I need a lot of practice on 3/4 timing too.

I searched through all my go-to tab places and couldn’t find anything. Nothing on youtube teaching anything either. I’ll keep an eye out and post if I find anything.

I did find the chords and lyrics. Not sure if this is 100%, I’ve not played with it yet.

classic-country-song-lyrics. … hords.html

Thank you for the post . It looks like I will have to go by ear , it takes longer but I did some really hard ones by ear in my better days.It is a very deep song and speaks to mankind and his journey through this earth. The what I call delayed lyrics done right makes the song with the bass coming in late or ahead . Sort of like a repeat of but just a different time slot . Like an answer but same as the question . There is always a question ask in a melody and always an answer .

Think like this 3/4 time is easy because you only have to count to three. Now I am being funny but it is true . 123 see as easy as 123 . 3/4 is my favorite timing cause I can’t count to four

Bill Carlisle - Gone Home (Chords)

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3/4 time Written and recorded by
Bill Carlisle and others. This has a
bluegrass feel and a strong 3/4 beat

(G)All of my(G7)friends that i
©loved yester(G)day,gone(D)home (D)
(D)they have gone(G)Home (G) the
songbirds that (G7)sang in the©dell seem to
(G)say, gone (D)home (D) (D)they have gone
(G)home (G7) they’re

©Joined in the Heavenly (G)fold (G)They’re
(em)walking the(am)streets of pure(D)gold
(D) they (G)left one by(G7)one as their
©work here was©done--------gone(D)Home
(D) (D)they have gone(G)home (G)

(G)Life here is(G7)lonely since
©they have been(G)gone,gone(D)home(D)
(D)they have gone(G)home (G) the
Old weeping (G7)willows that©stood by the)
(G)door,gone(D) (D) (D)they have gone
(G)Home (G7) they’ve


the(trumpet will(G7)sound on that
©great judgment(G)day, gone(D)home (D)
(D)they have gone(G)home (G) we’ll
(G)see all our((G7)friends who have
©gone on that(G)way, gone(D)home (D)
(D)they have gone(G)home (G7) they’ve


Check Ricky Skaggs out I am playing right along with it and it is just three chords fourth fret capo out of G position . It sounds really nice I played it till my fingers got sore LOL . I love that song . easy as falling off a tooth pick LOL . I will play that one in church some day with the Watkins family . easy as 123 LOL there is a turn around and it goes from C to D and then back to G . Did I tell you I am having fun .

Good deal welder. That’s what it’s all about, having fun! I love that 3/4 time G lick too.

[attachment=0]back up Gone.mp3[/attachment] Here is what I came up with on back up can’t figure out where the chirping is coming from??

I just heard in my mind two minors but the song really is played simple with all major chords .