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Any experience with Gorilla Snot?

Hey all, huge HNY to everybody.

I got some Gorilla Snot for Christmas (from the BBGS of course). Has anybody used it? Pick slippage is a minor thing for me (if at all) and I’m a little leery about getting sticky gunk near my guitar. I’d be happy to hear about any positive or negative thoughts about it.

Thanks in advance!


I have tried it… works great and doesn’t leave a bunch of residue around. It just makes you fingers tacky.

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I find that the Gorilla Snot is an excellent hair treatment. It really keeps my hair-do in place. Plus, it makes my head waterproof so I don’t need a hat when it rains. It has proven a little hard to wash out on Sunday afternoon. I have found tar shampoo is the best solvent for Gorilla Snot. :gorilla:

Actually, I’ve experimented with the Snot on my banjo thumbpick. I find just a little dab will do the trick. I just touch the Snot with my thumb, slide on the pick, then wipe off any excess. It is just tacky enough to keep my National thumbpick in place. It is tacky, but not too tacky - kind of like Dolly Parton. I don’t need to reapply the Snot often, like Brylcreem, “A little dab will do ya.”


Quote of the day! Well done!


Do they still sell that in the State’s ? I haven’t seen it advertised in the UK for years. When I was in the army back in the 60’s we used to call the Air Force The Brylcream Boys, always slick and neat, not a hair out of place and always drinking tea from a tin mug…

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I like it!

My opinion of the snot was that is was too sticky for me. If you use it very sparingly it will give you a super good grip, I just personally didn’t like the feel of it. I still keep the container in my case because I think I’ll give it another try one day.

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February is generally the driest month, and the month I find it most useful (dry, slick skin)… February is on its way.

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Not wishing to knock @BanjoBen 's profit margins. I just lick my fingers before putting on my picks, Sounds gruesome I know, but then again so does Gorilla Snot.

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You may find this funny… I started using Gorilla Snot when I play my guitar at church. The first time I used it, I used to much. Thumb & finger where really sticky. After playing for the choir, I had to go to sound room to play CD for a for one of our singers singing a special that morning. Not really thinking about it, I grabbed the CD with the hand that has the Gorilla Snot on it. Well some of the Gorilla Snot got on the CD and during the song, the CD started sticking inside the player. You can imagine how the music sounded as the CD was sticking to the player.


@Archie, they sure do still sell it. I was at the store the other day looking for a product that might be functionally equivalent to toilet paper, and happened to see Brylcreem on the shelves. That is about the only thing that so called “preppers” haven’t snapped up.

Actually, the shortages widely reported in the media have alleviated. Just a few items still in short supply, but I’m sure they’ll be available soon.

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Hi @The_Mole Talking about the shortages. I just watch a harrowing video on the BBC news. An intensive care nurse having just worked a forty hour shift, sitting in her car outside a supermarket sobbing her heart out because there was no fresh produce to keep her healthy till her next shift starts. Stressed out, her anger just got the better of her as she let rip on the selfish greedy folk that stripped the shelves.

We still have a big problem over here. Folks are just not listening to the the advice that there is plenty of food and other essentials to go round. They are queuing up two hour before the supermarkets open and the shelves are stripped within minutes.

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