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Angeline the baker

Anyone have any background on this one at all . I would like to know how the tune came about . It seems to be a tune that is played often at jams and so forth. I am at about 170 beats now with some of the part B to go yet . It is a catchy tune. And if anyone has any advise on this one I would like to hear it. The back up music is neat .

It’s a Stephen Foster tune. Most I see or hear perform it do not use the same lyrics as Foster…but there is no doubt about the melody.

Is a great tune and here are a few resources I used years ago to play Angeline the Baker over.

This fist one is from the site “Free Bluegrass Backing Tracks”. I’ve used these tracks to play over thousand of times. There is a backing track there for Angeline the Baker. The cool thing about this site is that you can slow down or speed up the backing track to a level you are comfortable with.

This second one is a nice version with some alt lyrics. Notice also that on these lyrics portion there is a different chord progression.

My personal favorite version of Angeline the Baker is by Lonesome River Band. I purchased their version off of Amazon for a $buck or so. When I practice jamming and playing a rehearsed break, this is the version I use but of the actual recorded version…this is basically it but without high quality sound.

Angeline is a favorite among most…so most can play it. It is probably one of my personal favorites. A really “pick um’ up” song that is exciting.

Good luck.

The lonesome river band is my fav also . I just like the tune and hope I can get her up to speed but in waning years that is harder to do , I do have most of it down except the last half I am still tryiing on that but am making head way . I would love to hear you play that. I bet you do a good job .

I am taking time with this one so I can do it anytime at all . I am now working on my back up and as soon as I get that done I will work on tying the two parts together . I am having a blast learning this .

On me playing it - Was one of the first tunes I ever sat down a learned. I learned my 1st break from Steve Kaufman’s 8 Hour bluegrass workout (or whatever it was called) and still use it today. On my second break I play a few Tony Rive licks from “Blue Railroad Train” and made them fit and they sound pretty good. I use one of Ben’s “D” licks from one of his first videos on licks also…it sounds great). Angeline is one of those songs that that’s fun sticking new stuff in “on the fly”. After at least 5K times playing it it’s like breathing when I jam over it…just comes rolling out and I can get 3-4 notes out in front of it in my head and really get creative.

You are having a blast learning it now…It’s fun to perform/play it in a jam session and is always one of the better tunes played in jam sessions. You’ll surely enjoy it more once you get it down and perform it…I know I do.

Good Luck. Will be waiting for a recording.

I had to work on measures 36 through 38 . they were played a bit different than what I expected. but I pretty much have it down now . I have found if you really listen to each trouble spot over and over it comes second nature to you after awhile . I am still playing along with the back up on the tabledit but will go for the back-up Ben gave us . I look forward to learning this one with a real human being . Just think we work hard to get tired of a tune so we can play for others but hey it is good all the same . don’t really get tired of any of it but when you have practiced for a few hours it kinda gets old . but the very next time I play it it is like brand new again. Keep playing and leaning and practicing there are people out there who want to listen.

It takes dedication to do what you did. I am playing and practicing this one every day . I love the tune it is bouncy.
I have it broken down to about three sections and trying to tie it all up and work on the back up afterwards . I may not get it all done before I leave but I am trying with all I have lol. also I am getting more used to the hearing aid . I am plleased to learn you put so much time into this so I am going on till it is like breathing.

Glad you are still beating around on Angeline the Baker. As mentioned it is a really good tune.

Dedication? I guess you could call it that but it’s more like and “obsession”…picking guitar that is.

Keep at it man it will come around.

Oh, if I ever make it back to my old stomping grounds (Beavercreek, Ohio - Dayton area) and get a chance I think you and JW and I just might have to have a jam session! I have not been back there in awhile but did manage to make it as far as Chillicothe and played with some folks there that I use to play with weekly a few years ago.

Stay on Angeline, you won’t regret it as it never gets old.

— Begin quote from "oldhat"

Oh, if I ever make it back to my old stomping grounds (Beavercreek, Ohio - Dayton area) and get a chance I think you and JW and I just might have to have a jam session!

— End quote

I’m up for that Oldhat! Good to hear from you.

I am limited on my energy level it changes from time to time . but any way for Old hat , I have mastered the tune through twice each verse there are two each and three parts plus the ending . I can play it all the way through with no prompting with tab . Now about 100 times more playing it I should own it. Old hat you are right it does not get old it grows more and more on you, now I can move on to learning something new . all the while practicing Angeline the baker as I go and learn new stuff. It is a good feeling to own a tune . Never give up it will come, any tune you play.

You’ll have to throw us up a recording Welder.