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Angeline Baker

I listened a bunch to this version of Angeline Baker when I had a mandolin on order (one that was much like the one in the video):

I loved how it was a laid back version and felt really comfy. I have been playing around with coming up with similar things. I wasn’t trying to copy what is in the video, just take the style and inject what I wanted. I came up with a couple “A” parts, and as I was trying to write them, I realized I really don’t know what the basic melody is. I have something in my head, but I have heard so many different timings, phrasings, and notes, I have no idea how close to the “real” melody what I had in my head was. Anyway, here is a a tab of an “A” part. It’s actually two different “A” parts (basic first half, embellished second half), but I compressed them into a single one. Each half could be stretched into a full “A” part.

I figured I’d put it out here for sharing/comments/collaboration. I haven’t started on “B” parts yet. Over the next few days, I’ll probably start working on them (basic first then embellished). Feel free to jump in and add some parts if you wish.

A few notes: (1) It’s drop D. I like letting the D chord stuff ring as much as I can. (2) I play a “wrong” pick stroke at the end of measure 15. The 16th triplet should start with an upstroke, but I found it sounds more solid as a down stroke (and it’s easier as well). The following picked note I also play as a down stroke, so the two are almost a rake (or a pair of rest strokes). (3) Beats three and four of the 16th measure look like a handful, but they are pretty easy to do at moderate speed (which is how I intend to keep this version). It’s all in the left hand. I had some easier versions of the same phrase, but ended up taking the “A” part I wrote from basic to as complex as I want to make it. As time goes by, I may tab out maybe 4 different “A” parts for guitar (2 low and 2 high) and I can make something in between the basic and last phrase if anyone wants it.
[attachment=0]Angeline Baker.tef[/attachment]

I thought we were getting a mandolin tab, so I was pretty confused when you said it was in drop D.

It’s a nice arrangement and an even nicer job of tabbing it. Seems like you’re getting pretty good with Tabledit.

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I thought we were getting a mandolin tab, so I was pretty confused when you said it was in drop D.

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You know… I didn’t even think of that, but that makes perfect sense. I’ll probably do some mandolin in there too at some point (standard tuning would be my guess there).

I tell you what, I am having fun playing with this song and I don’t know the correct phrasing or even if the title is supposed to have “the” in between “Angeline” and “Baker.” I have heard it pronounced an-gel-eeen, but more often an-gel-ine. In other words, I have no idea what I am doing but I am having a good time.

I was hoping to get a bit more tabbed today, but I had some things pop up. It might have to wait a bit.

I just found a tab and tef for a “low solo” for Angeline the Baker that Ben did and had available on his site. Cool beans. I knew he had the higher cross picking part but it was a bit tougher than what I was wanting. I have a B part about done (my arrangement), so I’ll start working on Ben’s and from the looks of them I’ll be able to mix and match between the two. Ben’s getting so much stuff on the site I can’t keep up with it!

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Ben’s getting so much stuff on the site I can’t keep up with it!

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Yep, not enough hours in the day. Keeping up is not even a goal of mine any more. I just pick the stuff that interests me the most.

I have played around with Ben’s B part, and it’s a perfect fit. Of course it’s better than what I would have come up with. It’s shaping up to be a real fun song.

I to also was confused at what the real melody sounded like but you nailed it for me I love that version it is so straight forward and some real nice licks in there to make it worth while to learn I will down load that and try my best . 10Q you for the tabs

My pleasure welder. One of things that I find so nice about this song is that (to my ear anyway) it sounds great anywhere from absolute basic to fancied up with lots of embellishments. It’s just a happy little tune.