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And Into the Fire

Well, looks like I’m out of the frying pan and into a band again.

I have been picking the 5 string for about 2 1/2 years here at home now and have no one to pick it with so called on an add and happen to have played in other situations with 2 of the present band members (Bass & Mando players).

Not the greatest group of musicians around but will be playing about 75 gigs this year plus practice/rehearse together once weekly.

I’m looking forward to see how much picking with others helps my playing and motivation. …and I WILL be VERY motivated, as I don’t really consider my banjo picking anywhere worth being on a stage yet :exclamation:

Nothing like fear of embarrassing oneself to motivate practice! I’m still kind of amazed at how quickly you took to the banjo. You sound like a seasoned veteran to me.

Thanks Larry, but trust me…plenty of the fear thing here. :laughing:

Having played/performed many times before with two of the band members (just not on banjo) will make it fairly comfortable I’m thinking.

I have one week to learn a gospel set for a show and first practice isn’t 'til Sat. Going to be crunch time for sure.

At least most of the material is traditional. Not sure how many originals they will spring on me but I know they have several they do.

Good deal! Congratulations.