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Amazing grace instruction video

Firstly - I think that the ‘Banjo Ben’ teaching site is really good (that’s English reserve for ‘terrific’). I am new to banjo (1 month now). I have played guitar since the 60’s, and mandolin and ukulele for about two years (I will soon be 73 years old).
I also play blues harmonica. My problem is that the instruction video for ‘Amazing Grace’ (advanced section), will not play after about 2mins 40secs - it keeps either stopping, or going back to the beginning. Anybody else having problems with this video? I know I should be sticking with the beginners material, but I like to stretch myself (and my fingers) occasionally. Keep up the good work Banjo Ben - your site is great value for money - a rare commodity these days.

Hi Bruce and welcome aboard. I just played the video and it played just fine here. If you try moving the bar forward just a few seconds or so, will it start playing again? Some others have reported that this works for them. Let us know as this is an all new site and need to know of any and all problems. Ben has taken a lot of effort to ensure that everyone is able to play all videos so if there are situations out there he’ll see what can be done to take care of them.

That’s pretty strange. You should be able to click and drag the little white circle and play the video from anywhere.
Is this the only video you’re having trouble with?

Thank you for your comments Jack and Jim. Moving the white circle works once I get past 3mins 50secs, but it stops and won’t go forward from the 2min 4o secs point - just over a minute won’t play no matter what I do. Apart from this - it’s a great version of one of my favourite hymns. The arrangement sounds like it was made for a jazz guitar … kind-of Joe Pass style. Thanks for the ‘one-liner’ gag - I will use in with my trio ‘The Beer House Boys’ - ‘Beer House Boys’ is a misnomer since our average age is 66 years !

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Thanks for the ‘one-liner’ gag

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I got a million of em!

Do you know why there are no banjos on Star Trek?
Because it’s the future.

Thanks again - I love the musical one-liners jiminkansas - my favourite is for drummers: “what is the difference between a drummer and a toilet seat? A toilet seat has only to deal with one asshole at a time!” Sorry about that one, and thanks for your help. From bruceinhaworthuk.

Yeah, I’m a drummer and have been the brunt of many one-liners.
How is a drum solo and a tornado alike?
You know they’re coming but you can’t do anything about it.

There was a problem with IE11 and it would not play youtube videos now If I can just remember what I did to cure that mmm> my head is smoking thinking but I can’t recall dang it . Well the smoke cleared a tad it has something to do with IE11 not having a player installed so look into installing the player for it .if you have or are using IE11 firefox works fine also

If you have IE11, often putting it into compatibility mode it resolves many problems. I don’t have IE11 on this system, but if I remember correctly, it is fairly easy to find the option.

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How is a drum solo and a tornado alike?
You know they’re coming but you can’t do anything about it.

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Since the thread got revived, I got to laugh at Jim’s joke all over again :smiley: