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Amazing Grace in 4/4 Am

Didn’t Banjo Ben have a version of Amazing Grace in 4/4 played in Am instead of Em? I learned it at one time and was certain I learned it from him. It was a fairly quick picking song, but not terribly difficult. Does anyone else remember that, or have I lost my mind? lol


Hey @tommy.fazendin, welcome!

Amazing Grace is played in a major (not a minor) key, so you may be confusing the keys of Am and Em with Cmaj and Gmaj, respectively since those are the relative major keys to Am and Em. Ben did used to have a fingerpicking version of I’ll Fly Away in C that had some Amazing Grace as an intro; that would be the closest thing I could think of.

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I don’t but that sounds like a great idea!!

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Ben’s versions in C major and G major are in 3/4 timing.