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Amazing Grace enhanced

Hello I’m new to the site and also a new guitar player (4 months). I’m looking for an advanced version of Amazing Grace. Not fingerstyle. Can anyone help? Thank you.

What style are you looking for, like a flatpicking version?

Yes. I can do the regular picking of it. I’ve seen youtube videos of people playing a real cool version with a lot more picking and strumming. I’m new so I have a hard time making sense from watching. I would need the sheet music or tab.

Thank you for your reply.

If you post a link to the youtube video like the one you want to do maybe someone would have something similar. When I play it, it’s generally pretty straightforward.

I think I have exactly what you’re looking for. The problem is: It’s all in my head, no music or tab. I learned it from Steve Kaufman’s “Arkansas Traveler” CD years ago. Check that version out, it’s pretty fancy but the chord progression is what makes it in my opinion. There was never a lesson or tab for that as far as I know. If I could put it to paper for you I would but that would take forever and I wouldn’t know how.

I guess the only thing you got from me is a version you might like. Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

If you want to try and learn it by ear, it starts out in G and later moves up to A.


Thanks guys!

imnotmuchgoodtoyoueither, but welcome to the site! :wink:

If you are new to guitar you may not want anything too fancy right off.
Here are a couple that may help :

Then take a look at Tommy doing it - start at 8.30 : :mrgreen:

Kaufman does a fine job of it and I would love to learn it that way I have all the parts and can tell what it is he is doing, now just to piece it together . you can buy the MP3 on amazon for .99 cents