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Amazing Grace crossy picky for guitar

My wife thought Ben’s basic Amazing Grace was a good place for her to start picking out melodies. We have had much fun sitting there with me backing her up. We are going pretty slow and I thought a cross picking version might sound good. I came up with the following. I put it out there for the BB forum-ite’s use. Please feel free to make suggestions, modify it, post alternatives, soup it up or water it down.
Attachment deleted for improved version in next post*

The fingering on this should be super easy. I haven’t notated it very well, so if you are doing something difficult, it’s probably not the way I intended :smiley: An example: in measure 1 the last little grace note (3rd fret D string) is just a starting point for sliding into the 5th fret. If you play that with your ring (3rd) finger, the pointer (1st) will fall easily over the 3rd fret B. Those notes are intended to ring out continuously while cross picking, although I didn’t properly notate it. Again, I hope to revisit as time allows. The work that Ben does to make the TEFs “right” must be pretty significant.

I made a better tab version to show the slides using Tabledit “ghost notes.” I think it reads a bit easier.
[attachment=0]Amazing Grace Cross Pick.tef[/attachment]

I am going to record my wife playing and in getting the recording gear set up I decided to test it and record myself playing the above part. Since there was such an amazing amount of posts to this thread :confused: :laughing: I figured I’d go ahead and post it. The backing parts are Ben’s (Thanks Ben!)
[attachment=0]Amazing Grace.mp3[/attachment]