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Alpo dog food

When I was still working at the Auto plant I took a can of Alpo and corn beef hash and switched the labels , I took the can with the Alpo label in to work and at lunch time I opened the can and started eating right out of the can, I got some real strange looks and one fellow confided to my close friend that he knew I could eat better than that . Try it some time you will get some real hard looks .

I ate some dog food on a dare when I was a kid. It wasn’t too tasty, but I have to admit it was filling.

Haven’t got to the point of eating dog food but can relate to doing things as a child that were far out. Who knows it may become a staple around the house hold here.

I ate a dog biscuit on a $5 dare when I was about 9 or 10. I think I voluntarily ate 4 or 5 more after that. I just remember them being surprisingly good!

Had a good friend who lost his life after acquiring an addiction to dog food. Wasn’t actually the dog food that got him though. He was out in the road one day chasing cars and a truck ran over him.

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