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Age and making music

Me an the wife do not get to spend much time together and we have been out twice so far this year and we stopped at the Golden Coral in Middletown last Monday afternoon and relaxed and ate a good meal. I took care of my Father until he passed away and Pat has looked after her Mother for the last 8 years and she is a hand full. she recently broke her hip and is in a nursing home now and will possible never come out of it. She is 92 and she has many other problems but I think maybe our obligations to our parents is coming to an end not that I wish this on her at all . but getting back to age and making music , there was this group that was in the back corner of the restaurant, three guitars one bass and the lady that sang had a voice a very good voice . and the music that came from these people all over 70 was wholesome and on time and sounded like a record . One fellow was a lefty and he could make that old guitar sing finger style , and the oldest one had a old Yamaha and he had a cover over his hand except for the thumb which sported a thumb pick and he was playing the backup guitar and was doing very well indeed, so never think you are to old to make music I guess is the lesson here. I will go there next week to eat and enjoy their music . Any of you out there from Middletown might want to check them out , Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening.

Welder, I hope things go well with your mother-in-law & wish you & your wife the best. What you’re doing is a good thing & God will honor that.

Are you speaking of the Golden Corral in Middletown, OH or another state? I’m about an hour & fifteen minutes north of Middletown, Oh.


Ohio: be there Monday afternoon or Tuesday evening and you will hear some good music I guess you have to eat to get in the door I don’t know but go hungry the corral is allowing them to play and that is a plus . Thank you for the kind words, it is not easy by no means but I got to know my Father better and also got to know my Mother in law very well it was a double blessing for us . You do sacrifice other things but I believe it makes one richer in spirit and you just know you did what God would expect . Maybe we could get together some time being this close . I live in Lebanon Ohio.

No problem at all eating there. We used to have a Golden Corral here in Troy (close to Covington) but it was closed.

I’m coming into my slow season & I’ll be off the road soon. My wife & I could meet you there sometime. If you get up by Troy, Piqua or Greenville, let me know. We can get together & pick some of Ben’s lessons or whatever else.


I would like nothing better , I am starved for a playing partner and it would take some getting used to on my part and yours. Are you close to New Carlisle Ohio I have a nephew that lives there and he plays about any instrument he can pick up . His Father and I used to play together before he passed on, he went way to soon. With all the items we are doing now it might be awhile before I get any time to travel. Keep that thought and just maybe we can do that some time soon who knows?

   In the mean time enjoy your music and have a good time .

When I got out of the Army in '85 I actually bought a little house in New Carlisle. I lived there a couple years, fixed up the place, met a girl, married the girl, sold that house & moved to this old farm house that we’re still in today. Still working on it too! New Carlisle’s about 45 minutes from here & I get through there every now & then.

I will keep that thought & we’ll get together sometime.