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Advice for waltzy chops

I am playing on a song with has a waltz feel. If you think in terms of oom-pah-pah, I am chopping on the pah-pah. The best sound I have come up with is very simple, just doing chops on the pah-pah and nothing else. To do this I am not pre-fretting the notes as I normally do, just a press of the fretting hand right with picking it and the release a smidge after. When I was fretting on the down beat (the oom of oom-pah-pah), it wasn’t as crisp sounding on the front end.
While it works for this current song I could see where this could be tough to coordinate on a faster song. Anybody else use the just-in-time fretting for simple waltzy chops? Any tips for alternate methods?

You have the basic idea for the standard waltz, but as it speeds up it might become 12/8 ( 123, 232, 323, 423) or shuffle so there the first 2 and 4. But I would just stick to the rule of thumb that chops are the snare drum or chop opposite the bass.