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Advanced beginner lesson request

Sure would like to see Ben add this to the beginners lessons.

This is not a complete lesson and that’s why I would like to request Ben do one.

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A few thoughts to consider

  1. it;s someone else’s lesson.

  2. integrating up the neck, partial-chord crospicking with rhythm seems above the " beginner" pay-grade.

  3. Have you gone through all of Ben’s rhythm lessons? Most everything played on the video (plus a lot more) is already somewhere in Ben’s lessons.

  4. the little gear on the video will let you slow it down if you really want to learn it.


Hey Earl just to add to what Dave has said. This is an original composition and likely as not under copyright which means that @BanjoBen would not want to cover this lesson. Why not purchase this lesson from the originator, it would seem it’s a digital download which means you would have full access to the lesson without signing up for monthly subscription. I subscribe to several teachers but I still remain loyal to Ben,

Yes, it is someone else’s lesson, but it’s not a complete lesson. Just a teaser to get you to go to a pay site. I just like the method of playing a slow bluegrass melody that would work for a lot of songs.
It is labeled as an advanced beginner lesson.

Thanks for the response…

Thanks for the comeback Archie, but the guy on the video states that for the complete lesson you need to go to his site and sign up for a fee. This video is just an eight bar lesson presentation with the rest available with subscription. I was hoping maybe Ben would review and maybe post something similar. It appears to be a good sound for someone like me to be able to play, being some where between a beginner and intermediate player…hahahaha

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Yes of course I get that Earl but like Ben, this guy is trying to earn a living, I am pretty sure Ben has plenty of similar lessons on this site but if you want that specific lesson you go to the original source. You can purchase this lesson for $10 which seems a reasonable price.

I didn’t see that fee. Thanks for the info…

Your welcome Earl. The good thing is you get a chance to review his teaching method without having to subscribe to a long term commitment. I have done this quite a lot since taking up the banjo. I stick with the teachers I like and it is good to learn from multiple sources, of course @BanjoBen is my first choice. But it’s good to have a break and a change of scenery every once in a while.

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