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Acoustics any one try egg cartons?

I just wondered if any one has tried egg cartons for acoustics maybe use panels where you can move them around for different places in the home . they would have to be about six by four foot to make any difference .As I try these out and get them together I will report back .

definitely has a boost to the acoustics but one item I found was they are very flammable and you might want to not use them for that reason. what I am seeing in the charts is about 70% of what acoustic foam does . There are some pros and cons . but if you use them make sure they are not around open flames .

As a kid (some 50 years ago) I remember egg cartons were all the rage when setting up a recording studio area in your home. The cartons of choice back then were the soft compressed paper (cardboard like) egg cartons (preferably clean ones). I friend of mine did a whole room like that and it seemed to help kill some of the reflections (some of the reflections). These days, I’m not sure the Styrofoam carton would work as well.

“well son, when I was a kid” Haha Seriously, 45 years ago my Dad had the entire garage covered with egg cartons. They were adhered to the walls with liquid nails. The garage was attached to the house and I can remember the band practicing there, Joe Black on steel guitar! It was awesome or maybe it just seemed awesome. They did a version of nine pound hammer with steel guitar all through it and it was definitely on the country side of things and a unique version.

Back when I was knee high to a grasshopper… We did the egg carton thing too, although we didn’t cover an entire garage. I have no idea if it worked for us, but we thought we could tell the difference. We also tried recording vocals in the bathtub for the big reverb. That got us a funny look from one of the band moms. We were pretty serious about recording on our little Fostex 4 track cassette with our SM58s and SM57s. A modern day teen with a laptop and a few cheap condensers could blow away most anything we did with much less effort (although I do still like an electric guitar amp recorded with an sm57).

I think my days of discovery might be coming to an end and the egg cartons are out for me not worth the hassle now that I am old . Thank all for the input it was eye opening for sure you are better off getting the acoustic foam does a much better job. and there are some natural places in any ones home where the sound is just right . At the bottom of stairs at my home is super good . loud and crisp . Have fun learning and then play it .