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A word of encouragement (maybe...)

Well I was contemplating the meaning of life and listening to heavy metal the other day… ok just kidding. But I was thinking (that’s dangerous, last time I thought someone almost lost a hand… jk) I was thinking about musicianship and came to an encouraging, or discouraging, realization; you will never “get there” cuz the moment you get “there” you’ll look over the hill you just climbed and realize that the next one is where “there” is. This could be discouraging, but I would look at it as encouraging. Because if you hadn’t climbed that metaphorical hill you’re currently standing on, you would have never even seen the next one. And remember, you can’t travel between one hill and the next without walking through the valley in the middle. Your knowledge is like a candle; the bigger the circle of your knowledge gets (the brighter your candle) the bigger the circle of what you don’t know gets outside it. Each new thing you learn will bring to your attention at least two things you have yet to learn. This is actually a good thing, as it means you’re learning, though it may not feel like it. So keep at it, you’ll get there, even though you’ll never get there, cuz whenever you get where the icecream truck was, it’ll already be to the next block. But even professionals, I believe, never “get there” cuz they are always learning too. The moment you decide that you’ve “made it” you’ll stop trying to learn, so just don’t. If you’ve made it this far, you’re either really bored or you’ve been reading Greek philosophy and needed to clear your head :joy::joy: anyway, I hope this was more encouraging than discouraging, I think maybe I should start a blog :joy::joy::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


i like it pal… we all hit peaks and valleys… just keep going i say


Wow, well done Gunnar.

My antithesis, were I to offer one, would be - Practice makes perfect. No one is perfect. So why bother?

I think I’ve used that one before.


Oh man, you so seriously SHOULD start a blog,. You could generate gobs of great content. But, you’ll put so much time into it and it will detract from your schooling, your music, your ministries, your family etc.

I started a blog in 2008. It started off as a travel blog and evolved into other stuff too. It went great for three years and I had a lot of fun with it. I haven’t written anything new since 2011 though, but it’s still out there.

But if you DID start a blog, you could start off with the story about your name and your forum name. But, you probably won’t really start a blog.

Hey everyone, since Gunnar probably won’t REALLY start a blog, someone should ask him about his name and forum name. Just say “Hey Gunnar, what’s the deal with your cool name? And where did Dragonslayer come from?”

C’mon guys, someone ask him.

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Thanks, I’m gonna submit that as my thesis paper for my master’s… :joy::joy:

I would argue that practice doesn’t make perfect. It makes better, but as you said no one is perfect. To fully answer the argument you postulated, I’ll break it down.

  1. Practice makes perfect
  2. No one is perfect
  3. Thus practice is pointless
    This argument falls apart because the tenets are not all solid. Practice does not make perfect, thus the first tenet is bunk. But for the sake of discussion, let’s say it wasn’t, so pretend it’s true. If the first one was true, and the second point is true, this leaves the conclusion. I would say that the third point doesn’t follow logically from the first two. If practice makes perfect, and nobody’s perfect, the logical following would either be that practice is impossible or is a myth. But it doesn’t matter cuz we already proved the first point wrong. Here’s an alternative argument
  4. Practice makes better
  5. No one is perfect
  6. Thus attempting perfection through practice is futile
    I made that up as I typed it, but it’s pretty much true, and is pretty much what my first statement said
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You’re killin’ me man, you’re killin’ me :confounded:


Sorry, my dad is big into apologetics and it’s spilled onto me some :joy::joy:




Is that like the genes from Ap☀️llo or something?

Wait a minute… it is when L. Ron Hubbard apologies, right?

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Ah yeah, that’s neat. I’ve been studying up on apologetics lately, it’s quite fascinating. Yesterday, I was looking at how God describes saurapod dinosaurs in great detail (Behemoth) to Job and how archaeologists are now finding things inside dinosaur bones like red blood cells and cartridge; things that could not be there after many millions of years.

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I love apologetics! J Warner Wallace is one of my favorites in this subject. Still can’t figure out if I’m a young earth or old earth creationist. :thinking:

But it’s so much more vast that just that.


I think I land on the side of Middle-Earth @Treblemaker


Wallace is the cold case Christianity author? My dad just got that book on audible, so he’s been listening to it. I personally am a young earth guy, mainly cuz I don’t see any evidence for it being older, and plenty for it being younger, but I don’t really think it matters much, it’s a lesser doctrinal point that shouldn’t be a church splitter


Agreed. And yes, J Warner has written “Cold Case Christianity”, “God’s Crime Scene”, and “Cold Case Christianity for Kids” make a very compelling case for old earth, but I don’t fall on either side, nor do I consider it an essential.


absolutely right. I just think it’s neat how there is so much science in the Bible and more and more these days, science is supporting the Bible. It’s fun to see them come together.


Sadly, many bicker about the 10-20% instead of respecting the different view and coming together to praise the other 80% where they do agree…

Further, I think the Evil One smiles every time there is discention about faith.


I wish it were so. Those guys are headquartered right here in Clearwater and I wish that was not so.

Oh really?



Hey Gunnar, what IS the story with your name anyway?

And where did Dragonslayer come from?

I agree with @MissMaggie… you should start a blog. I am sure you have many adventures - music or otherwise - with you adventures in Africa playing Bluegrass, no less. How is it received over there?

Has African music influenced you… As Brazilian music has with me?


I don’t know much about that whole thing. Never read Dianetics…