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A quiet banjo

I’m sure everyone has heard of those traveling guitars that are quiet unless you plug them in or plug in headphones. Does anyone know if they have anything like that for a banjo? I’m a railroader and spend a good amount of time in hotels wasting good practice time with nothing else to do. I don’t think the other guest would appreciate hearing me practicing cripple creek at 3am. So if anybody has any ideas or suggestions that be great thanks

I have seen electric banjos. They would seem to work (just use a little headphone amp), but I don’t know how light you want to travel.

Maybe a banjo mute. What most use. See this thread.
Banjo Mute

There are those traveling banjos called tranjos, but I think that is mainly for size constraints. They still sound pretty load on YouTube.

I was hoping someone made one like those traveling guitars that I havnt heard about but I’ll try a mute and see how that works but thanks for the suggestions

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