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A little Whiskey B4 Breakfast

Hey all, good morning thought you might enjoy this, two local Portland guys here in Or. I really enjoy,

The link did not work for me but I know it might for others , thanks for the try though I do like that song/tune , I am still working on it part time. Which begs the question are there lyrics to the tune ? See if this works or not .I believe this may be the one not real sure though or this one ?

I think it was the last one and they both did a great job note for note and then the fancy stuff . The one on the mandolin who is twisting on his chair .

Hey Welder, yes the second one is the one, the fellow on mandolin is Tim Connell and on guitar is my friend Eric, if you look at his site he has about 4 or 5 bluegrass tunes he and Tim have put up. Eric normally plays jazz acoustic with his trio. Just thought you might enjoy something a little different. Jerry