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A Little Help finding a guitar

So, I think I like what I’ve seen BBC say about the Blueridge guitars that I could get from the General Store (though I still question the legality of calling it a general store if they don’t sell moon pies or RC Colas). I’m the kind of guy who has to play before he buys. I’M LOOKING FOR A GUITAR STORE SOMEWHERE BETWEEN HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA AND NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE that would actually have some Blueridges, some Martins and maybe some other nice guitars, in stock. Another guitar I want to look at is a Seagull Artist, and maybe a Paul Reed Smith. I’m going to consider my next guitar an investment and I’m gonna spend some money on it. So I want to play them until I find one that screams, “DON"T PUT ME DOWN.”

Anybody with suggestions of guitar stores that actually carry the nicer guitars, please let me know. There are two Seagull stores in my area, neither has an Artist. The stores that are supposed to carry Blueridge (according to the Blueridge dealer finder) have none in stock.

Just get on Google Maps and look for all the Sam Ash music stores, Guitar Centers, etc in your area and make some phone calls.

Your first call however should be to Jake at the “General Store” (I’m with you on the moon pies and RCs and such). He’s a gem with a wealth of knowledge. I understand how and why you’d want to play before you buy, I get it. But talk to Jake.

Not for nothin, I just ordered a pricey RK76 Elite banjo and I’ve never played one let alone seen one. Jake put me at ease though and helped me pick between three that I was considering. I’m a little nervous, a little anxious, but excited too. I just took a chance an dove in. I’m not suggesting you do that, just talk to Jake, he’s the man.

I have the most expensive one they make and it is awesome. You have a 30 day trial with free return shipping. The model is
ZAD900CE Solid Spruce/Rosewood Acoustic Electric AURA Pro Series. imageimageimageimage

@maggie.williams1, I’m telling you right now, you’re gonna love your banjo. I had a chance to see it. It’s no joke. By the way, we don’t advertise this, but we have such high standards that the companies have an extra inspection process for our instruments. In other words, we get the best from these makers, which means y’all get the best as well.


Awesome Ben, I’m really looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

I gotta say, Ben is pretty picky… I am pretty sure if he likes an instrument, I would as well.

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All I can give you is you should play as many guitars as you can find and most stores will allow you to do that. The way they look is important also but playability and sound ect tone is more important . be very careful about price check same guit6ar at different stores for the best price , I just bought a guitar unseen it was a 1100 dolar Taylor but I had played this model and knew what I was getting .I noticed they had one scratch and dent sale and got 400 dollars off so I bought it . It took me two months to find the flaw and it was so unnoticeable who cares . LOL but be careful if you are sure wait for a while make sure it is what you want playing wise and looks .I would recommend Ben’s store they have some really nice guitars I almost bought there instead of the taylor but I have wanted a taylor for years and I am 75 and not much time left so I got the taylor . Ben has Blueridge for sale at a good price .

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