60th birthday vacation!


hi guys,i’m 60yrs next year (bit of a milestone) and i’m gonna plan me a visit to the good old U.S.of A, i want to fit in a couple of bluegrass fests and some sight seeing any suggestions? i’ve been to virginia (just loved it!!) so perhaps somewhere a little more southern, the great smokey mnts perhaps!,. anyway, i’m sure you guys will have some ideas.



ooooooh Ben, i’m drooolin!!! what international airport serves north carolina?



Atlanta is cheaper, but having got lost in DC on my last visit!!! (complete nightmare) i think Chartlotte, would suit me better, also i can fly direct from my local airport. I might leave Nashville for a future visit. i’m a big Elvis fan, and i could use him (sorry mate!) as an excuse for a future vacation!!, besides, Asheville and NC seems to have such a lot to offer.
next year is along way off, so i’ll have plenty of time organise the trip (and save the money!!!). thanks for the input.



If the time of year is right, I have always wanted to catch MerleFest if I am in North Carolina.
I don’t think it’s cheap, but the proceeds support a community college. This year they had Doc Watson (MerleFest is in honor of his son), Vince Gill, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Alison Kraus (w/Jerry Douglas!) and Chris Thile to name a very small portion of the lineup.

Keep us updated as the time draws near and we’ll see what we can find.


wow!!! just looked at the lineup, would have been easier to list who was’nt there!!!. yep a little expensive, but i’m not chasing all over trying to find these superstar performers, so thats a saving right there!!. next year (perhaps every year) the fest is in april, this month fills me with dread, here in the uk the weather is so changable (that aplies to may, june, july ets etc :unamused: ). NC ticks all the box’s, and we hav’nt mentioned SHELBY yet!!



I have to throw in my favorite bluegrass festival that is held the 3rd week in September.
The Walnut Valley Festival is in Winfield Kansas:
Bring a tent, sleeping bag and your instrument/s and be ready to play and listen to non-stop music.


Sounds like a great trip you got coming up, brumski. Merlefest always has a stellar lineup. It’s a bit too big for me, but like you said, it might be perfect for you to squeeze in a bunch of music in a short visit.

If you’re out west the Telluride festival usually has an impressive lineup, is in the cool mountains, and is limited to 10,000 patrons. I like the Gettysburg festival, too. Not quite the lineup of Merlefest, but it’s Gettysburg.