2nd Aussie Onboard


G’day all.
Thought it may be polite to introduce myself as the second Oz member on the map. Notice Rattler is on the other side of the country, greetings to you mate, we’ll have to meet somewhere convenient for a session sometime - how about Oodnadatta? :wink:
A good banjo-playing friend lent me a spare banjo a while ago - I play mando and bass with him occasionally, but I’ve had little time to get into the banjo, particularly knowing nothing much about it. Just what I need, a new instrument with a whole different tuning! :confused:
Came across Ben’s videos on Youtube and was impressed with his relaxed approach as well as obvious knowledge. So here I am as a new member, looking forward to getting finally somewhere with the banjo (as well as working more on the mando and guitar) … of course I just need about another 20 hrs in the day …


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Just what I need, a new instrument with a whole different tuning!

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Yeah, the last thing I wanted to do was try to learn another tuning, but I found that it really wasn’t all that difficult. And once you learn it (open-G, that is), you can tune one of your guitars that way and play all those old rock/folk songs that use open tuning! I find it really contributes to my understanding of folk music. In a month, you’ll be playing open chords without even thinking about it!


Welcome, Ozicaveman. I agree, there isn’t enough time in the day. I’d like to play more guitar than I do but whenever I have time the mandolin is the first thing I pick up.

Ben is a real gem, isn’t he? Have you heard him play with his sisters in their band, the Purple Hulls? What a talented family!

Glad to have you on board.


I’m an aussie too :slight_smile:

Pickin’ the banjer on the Central Coast of NSW.



Welcome aboard and jump right in with chatting back and forth, lots of good guys here and a lot of info to be learnt’!


Welcome and glad to have you here.


Thank you, really enjoying my visits to the forum.

Lots of great helpful banjo pickers here, not a flamer in sight.:slight_smile: