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2 Dollar Bill

Well we need some instruments.

I put down the rhythm guitar, and done a rough mix with Steve’s Banjo. I may add in guitar lead break in a day or so. Plenty of spots for a break(s).

As mentioned Steve is a local guy to me here on the South side of Nashville (the bluegrass part of town…and if you go down there…) and has been working hard on learning banjer. I figured He’d be the perfect fit to help pick up the slack in Fiddlewood’s absence. And I will push him to become active on this site/forum. He is likewise another “Fly Boy”…don’t know what it is, but you pilots “LUV YA SOME BLU GRASS”

Add some parts fellas (And don’t be afraid to do some mixing either).

Needs some of ozi’s bass. Where’s he been lately?

Have not seen the Wizard of Oz around lately. I know he did endorse me back on Kompoz yesterday, so he is in the shadows, must be spelunkin’ searching for that perfect cave to get the best sound out of his bass.

Larry, we really need some of your Mandolin on this one!


Maybe Ozi owned a lot of land around Coober Pedy and has hit the oil bucks and forgot about we average folk?

I haven’t had my mandolin out of it’s case in a couple of months, but this might be a good opportunity. The tempo is such that I might be able to keep up even though I’m a little rusty.

You should be ashamed of yourself for leaving your mando in the case for that long of a time period - neglect I tell you…is there like a “peta” for musical instruments or a “mandolin humane society” I can call and turn you in?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Acoustics?

I usually keep my mando tied to a short chain in the back yard. It’s a vicious attack mandolin.

In my defense, while I’m neglecting my mandolin, I’m giving lots of attention to my dobro. My problem is that I’ve got too many pets to keep them all properly exercised.

Thanks for thinking of me - makes me feel much better despite current hassles. My post on WV explains good bit.
Looks like I’ll have to get that laptop even sooner to get back to collabs.
(Maybe it was karma for being away from it for so long…)
Also now looking for another vehicle, bit hard without a vehicle that gets me there to look for one (but that’s yet another story…) … ah, life in the bush …