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1992 Seagull

Hi all, I’m really in the beginning stages of learning to play the guitar. I currently have an old Washburn D-100. A friend of mine at work is retiring and owns 2 or 3 guitars, one being a Seagull acoustic he bought in 1992. He took a few pictures and showed me… He says there are no dents or dings, mint condition, and I don’t see any in the pictures. I asked him if he knows what model, and he says he does not remember. He says he paid $800.00 for it in '92, with a hard shell case. It has a sunburst type finish on it, cedar top, mahogany sides. He is going to let me play around on it for a few days and decide. He is told me he would he would let me have it for $300.00. Any advice? I have read a bit about Seagulls, but there is not much info I can find about the ones built in '91, '92. What do you guys think?

I like seagulls for an introductory to intermediate guitar. It’s not really known as a bluegrass machine but when learning guitar the exact type isn’t a huge deal. In short, if the action is good (moderately low or medium) it probably is a decent buy. You don’t want to buy something that would need something like a neck reset in that range. It’s not worth the trouble.
Just my opinion… Hope it helps

I bought a new Seagull back in '95 and still have it today. It’s a beater with lots of dents and dings but still plays and sounds pretty good. Mine is solid Spruce over mahogany with a satin finish, nothing special to look at for sure but it’s aged well and I’ve never had a problem with it. It would help to know what model your friend has but from what you posted (mint cond.) I’d say $300 was a good deal.