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YouTube and COPPA

Hey! [Long post warning😖]
Just thinking about how YouTube is requiring channel operators to set/select what audience their content is directed to… It can be set either channel wide or per video. There are some vague rules of thumb to follow as you go about this. The guidelines state that while children may watch your content, that it doesn’t have to be labeled as “for kids” unless it was aimed specifically towards kids… using toys, characters, content, etc. It also says to consider the folks (children?) that are in your actual videos when determining this. I definitely havent done as much reading on this as I probably should have before making a post, but as the time is drawing near to the deadline (Jan 2020) for youtubers to select their potential audience target-I’m just curious how many of us have actually complied. I haven’t. Not yet anyway. I’ve got vids out there from when my son was in band. It’s the whole marching band. The high school marching band did include some kids 13 +/- years old… the video wasnt specifically directed to or aimed at children, but rather at their families who may have missed the live performance, due to life reasons like work, sickness, logistics, immobility, etc. Might the kids involved in the video seek out the playback? Maybe. Maybe ‘Johnnie’s’ 12 year old little brother wants to watch it because he wants to do band someday. Does that mean they should be set to kids? Who knows? I’m feeling for that reason I probably should set the audience level for those videos + videos from when my 11 year old was in a rock ‘band’ to kids, and label my other stuff as not kids - which means the new videos will have to be individually labeled as they upload. My channel is TINY. Would it ever even affect me to just set the whole thing as not for kids? Would I get busted? hmmmm…:thinking: There’s alot of different reasons for people to be upset, large channel issues, people that make money with their channels concerns, then there’s the huge potential fines that could be handed down if they deem that you mislabeled your content. (Add in alot of vagueness on the process itself) Again, I’ve not really delved into it too deep, but I’m thinking I really dont like this whole deal… Maybe the hype is for nothing… Many of us use YouTube for a variety of personal musical stuff from learning to sharing. Setting a video to ‘for kids’ will disable comments (as well as nixing what youtube collects for data) I see how that can protect a child on YouTube from themselves (giving out too much info) trolls, marketing, etc. But they can still gain access to that ‘environment’ in other areas of the net. Thats where the responsible adults/parents come in and pay attention to what their kids are doing, right? What are yalls thoughts? Have you complied yet? Will you be a non compliant rebel & what will happen if you are? The knee-jerk reaction of alot of youtubers is to delete their content or make it private. How will this affect us when we search out musical material? Apologies for becoming so long winded, lol :confounded::grin: I didnt intend that to happen…


Unless you’re making money it is much to do about little.

Content labeled not for kids is not “advertised” to kids. They can access it through a link provided by you though.

If you aren’t in it for the money there is no real need for it to be public. You can choose your audience by keeping it unlisted (only link makes it available)

language: “made for kids” means targeting children specifically. Example: cartoon vid that advertises/incorporates toys (targeted advertising like on TV) etc.

My channel is “not of kids” and most all the videos are “unlisted”. They are primarily for people here and in other music forums. Kids on the forum have access through my provided links but the videos don’t show up on a search they (or you) might do, or in the “next video” area. The public ones would show up for you (maybe)


I have tried to set my channel as not for kids, but I have been unsuccessful cuz none of my technology is updated enough to be able to do that. I personally doubt anything will happen to little personal channels